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Refrigeration general contracting

QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. undertakes the implementation of various industrial, commercial, technological and special refrigeration systems and refrigeration equipment primarily within the role of main contractor. We deliver sections of the project from the preliminary analysis (for decision making) through the assembly and construction plans and as-built documentations, to the turnkey implementation.

Our company has extensive experience in the establishment of large-scale facilities with often tens of thousands of m2 floor area, as well as cooling and heat pump systems with capacities of several megawatts. Besides this, we also undertake the realization of small to medium-sized refrigeration systems and individual / special refrigeration equipment.

The nearly 30-year history, capital strength, trained and dedicated specialists of QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd., as well as many satisfied and recurrent partners provide appropriate guarantee and a high level of business security for all of our customers.

Our company primarily carries out tasks related to refrigeration systems and the connecting auxiliary systems, but we are also able to perform turnkey design and construction projects on request, including architecture, utilities and other work parts, with the involvement of our professional partners.


We have knowledge of many different technologies, and QPLAN attaches great importance to the application of latest, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies, if our clients give us the opportunity for putting this into practise.

We have significant professional experience in the field of “green” systems (meaning refrigeration systems operating with natural refrigerants NH3/ammonia and CO2/carbon-dioxide), with many inland and foreign references.

The name of the company is associated with many innovations and patents, as a result of its own developments and designs.

As part of the projects, we perform complete caloric, power supply and control system designs within our company, supplemented with stress calculations of pressure vessels and pipeline network if needed, using VVD (Visual Vessel Design) and CAE Pipe software.

We also provide service and maintenance for the implemented equipment, facilities and systems within and beyond the warranty period, so our company ensures the troubleproof, energy and cost-effective operation of the equipment and systems from the first step and for life.


Our most important specializations:

  • Vegetable and fruit processing plants
  • Meat processing plants, slaughterhouses
  • Intermittent and continuous freezers (freezer box, plate, spiral, fluid bed freezer, etc.)
  • Refrigerated logistics centers, cooled and freezer warehouses
  • Commercial refrigeration (large stores, retail stores)
  • Refrigeration technology in dairies
  • Refrigeration technology for beer, wine, soft drink production
  • Skating rink technology
  • Extremely energy efficient industrial liquid chillers and heat pumps
  • District cooling and heat pump technology (up to 10-20-30 MW equipment/systems)
  • Pharmaceutical refrigeration systems (for example: blood plasma cooling, freezing)
  • Oil and chemical industry cooling systems (also ATEX on request)
  • Unique and special cooling and freezing tasks (for example: test and laboratory cooling, solar cell cooling)
  • Extra low temperature cryogenic systems


We hope to find you among our satisfied customers soon. To learn more about us, please read on among our other services and products. If you are interested or have a specific request, please feel free to contact us at one of our contact details.