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Our history

After the end of the communist regime in Hungary, like many others, the founders of QPLAN felt the wind of change and in 1990 they established a company with three person.

Because the founders of the company were the designers of the earlier EGI (Energy Management Institute), the main activity of the newly established company became the design of refrigeration systems, primarily ammonia systems, and their system components.

At that time, our office was still operating in a private flat, which was later exchanged for our first rented office in Budapest, Óbuda.

Further opportunities opened up with market expansion in the upcoming years, therefore starting from 1996, the scope of the company’s activities was widened to include design of smaller refrigeration equipment with HFC refrigerants as well as electrical and control design and monitoring systems for refrigeration systems.

We set up our own technician/maintenance team in 1999, and started to carry out smaller scale constructions by ourselves, instead of the earlier practice of working with subcontractors.

We started distribution of well known international manufacturer’s components in 2000, and supplemented our range of activities with the design, distribution and installation of comfort and industrial air conditioners.

From 2003 we started our own manufacturing of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, A smaller 400 m2 factory/ workshop was used for this purpose in the next couple years on a rented site, on Csillaghegyi Street in Óbuda.

We purchased our current one hectare site in 2010, where our office building, factory and warehouse were built in 2012, with a combined productive area of approximately 4,000 m2.

We are proud of our successes, which we achieved together with our colleagues on our own strength, competing with multinational refrigeration companies with a long history.

The engineering traditions of our family go back to 1911: Miklós Murin, the father of our founder, Sándor Murin, (also grandfather, great-grandfather of the newest gnerations), graduated in that year from the Royal Joseph University, predecessor of present-day Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Today we are consciously building our second generation company, offering our colleagues a sustainable green environment, varied jobs and a continuous professional career opportunity. We are preparing the next, third generation of our family to join the operation of the company, of whom the boys are presently studying at the university, in the faculties of physics and electrical engineering.

The key to our success is the often 30-40 years of professional experience of our qualified and dedicated colleauges, the innovation and continuous development of environmentally friendly, and energy efficient technologies, as well as the flexibility and customer-centric approach unique to medium and family companies.

We believe that the true value is the human, so we have created a high-standard, livable and friendly work environment that is suitable for creative labour.

Our traditions include family days in the summer and team building programs at the end of each year. Our company has been a dog-friendly workplace since 2012.

QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. has written its own history during its 30-year existence.

Since the foundation of the company, countless friendships, relationships and even marriages have been established between our colleagues.

We count ourselves lucky, as many of our colleagues have been on our side for decades, sometimes until the end of their own journeys. We also commemorate them on the memorial wall of our website and we are honored by everyone who visits it. Winter János memorial wall.

We attach great importance to the professional education of the upcoming generations, therefore in a contract with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, we participate in the preparation of students' degree thesises every year as consultants and professional leaders.


We hope to find you among our satisfied customers soon.

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