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PLC software development

The operation of a modern refrigeratory and cooling system is unthinkable without the necessary automatic, monitoring and remote monitoring systems, for the implementation of which, often used for simpler systems, the so-called OEM automation components are not enough in many cases.

Beyond the system size and complexity, as well as in all cases when the more complex task can no longer be solved with OEM units, it is definitely necessary to use PLCs and the operating software written for them.

Our company, QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. designs, manufactures and programs a wide variety of PLC cabinets and controls in-house.

In addition to the developments and programming tasks for our own equipment and systems, we undertake the design and manufacture of various controls mainly for cooling and heat pump systems, energetics, mechanical and heat technology applications, as well as the development of PLC software at the expense of our current free capacity.

We have a lot of experience with Siemens PLC systems, but during our career we have already designed and programmed products from many other manufacturers (for example JCI, WAGO, Beckhoff).
Without the need of completeness, the following automatic tasks were performed in addition to the operation of the refrigeration and the cooling system:

  • Modification of older types of piston and screw compressors to PLC control
  • Transfer between pots so-called development of active adaptive level controls
  • Development of cooperation of swimming pool mechanical engineering systems
  • Operation of series-connected district heating and local heat pump heat center
  • Matching different communication protocols
  • Heat center automation
  • Adaptive condenser and exhaust pressure regulation, COP maximization
  • High reliability solution in pharmaceutical manufacturing with collaboration of multiple PLCs
  • Distributed PLC systems also prepared for independent island operation
  • Etc.

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