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Steel structure manufacturing

The manufacture of refrigeration equipment, cooling units, chillers and tanks produced by QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. makes it integrant for a wide variety of steel support and frame structures, walkways, etc. production.

Our factory is supported by 2 overhead bridge crane with the capacity 10 tons cutting and sheet metal processing machines, bandsaws, column and magnetic foot drills, as well as a CNC controlled plasma cutting machine with a table size 3000 x 2000 mm and a cutting thickness of 40 mm.

Welding of carbon steel steel structures is done with 350A consumable electrode welding machines, stainless and highly alloyed materials are welded with AVI technology, while surface treatment is performed in our paint-shop.

We work with carbon steel materials in most cases, but we also have experience in the production of stainless and acid-resistant structures.

We undertake the production of various steel structures and steel products at the expense of our current capacity to 4,500 * 4,500 * 14,000 mm overall dimension, 400 * 400 mm segment dimension and a total weight limit of 20 tons / element.

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