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About us

QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. is a supplier of “naturally complete” solutions. It has now grown from a family business to a dynamic company that also plays a role abroad, including the Middle East.

Our strength is that we have knowledge of different technologies, which means we are not limited to using the same technical solution in all cases.

If we have the opportunity, we readily present several solutions for the cooling task on hand, thus leaving (but also easing) the decision for our customer.

We use our independence to choose the most optimal and well proven components and solutions for our customers.

Thinking together with our clients, we also care for reusing every bit of thermal energy that we have to remove from the system. We look at the refrigeration system as an integrated energy center, which – in addition to the actual cooling tasks – supplies the cold and hot energy required in other areas of the whole facility. With this approach the investment and operating costs of the entire facility can be significantly reduced.


Our only commitment is to use natural refrigerants with the lowest environmental impact in the name of sustainability, so if such a solution meets the requirements of our customer, we are happy to realize it, be it carbon dioxide, ammonia or hydrogen-carbonate refrigerants.

These advantages come from the professional experience in refrigeration technology, and the history of our family’s engineering traditions, spanning many decades and several generations.

Behind the achieved results, there is a professional team with serious experience. Some of these people contributed to the establishment of QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. in 1991, taking advantage of the new opportunities after the end of the socialist regime.

The number of our colleagues, as well as their specialisations has been expanded progressively, to include basically all disciplines, to be able to offer complete refrigeration solutions and to handle the increasing project volumes.

We believe that the knowledge acquired in the past is not enough today, therefore, we are constantly updating and augmenting the knowledge of our colleagues.

The scope of our operations includes every step of institution and upkeep:

  • Preliminary studies, Life Cycle Cost calculations in the process of preparing an investment decision
  • Preparing of construction permissions, and tender materials, documentation


  • Technical design of refrigeration equipment (including mechanical, structural, electrical and control systems) for applications in food industry, commercial refrigeration, communal refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and energy management
  • Manufacturing of refrigeration equipment (including mechanical, structural, electrical and control systems) for applications in food industry, commercial refrigeration, communal refrigeration, industrial refrigeration and energy management
  • Distribution, on-site installation and commissioning of refrigeration systems, as complete turn-key solutions;
  • Operation of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration systems in 24 hours of 7 days with a quick response service within 4 hours (only for our contracted partners);
  • Energy and technical assessment of existing, operating refrigeration equipment, refrigeration systems, and – in case of a problem that needs to be addressed – design of the required solution (repair, reconstruction, modernization and development), with a guarantee of results.
  • any professional support requested by our clients during our cooperation.

We carry out the above listed activities under a quality management system and have all necessary permits for our work. In the course of our basic activities, our colleagues ensure that the personal requirements are met in all cases.

We carry out our design work in an up-to-date software environment, be it thermodynamic calculations, 3D product design, pressure vessel sizing, or electrical/control design.


We have approximately 4,000 m2 productive area at our 1-hectare headquarters in Óbuda, Budapest. This gives us the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of equipment, from a residential heat pump to large industrial refrigeration units weighing 20-30 tons.

We hope to find you among our satisfied customers soon.

To learn more about us, please read on among our other services and products. If you are interested or have a specific request, feel free to contact us.