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Liquid chiller with semi-hermetic. Leakproof compressor for ammonia refrigerant (QHA-CW series)

The chillers are available in the 158 kW to 1758 kW capacity range. The stated values are valid in case of 12/6°C chilled water and 31/36°C cooling water, but their application range is broad, so upon request we can offer chillers with a different temperature range.

Innovative compressor technology allows the use of low ammonia charges without leakage, allowing safe usage in residential areas. They are flexible in the sense as they can be used for both the enlargement and modernization of existing (even freon) chiller parks and as part of new systems.

The units are most suited for cooling tasks in the air-conditioning temperature range, where besides outstanding energy efficiency, low ammonia charge and leakage free operation is necessary. The series is designed to operate with both open and closed cooling towers.

  • Ammonia, that is NH3 refrigerant: environmentally friendly, natural and future-proof solution
  • Outstanding energy efficiency (efficient medium, efficient technology)
  • Low ammonia charge (safety, more lenient regulations)
  • Reliability, low operating costs thanks to screw compressor technology
  • Continuous capacity regulation (VSD and mechanical)
  • Extensive customizability to suit specific requirements
  • Integrated oil circuit and automatic oil return
  • Reliable and energy efficient flooded evaporation
  • Optional heat recovery
  • Optional thermosiphon free cooling
  • Auto VI (internal volume ratio control) ensures efficient operation under various environmental conditions