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Manufacture of refrigeration and pressure equipment

To forge our independence into advantage for our customers, our company always offers the best possible technical solution that meets the requirements of the customers and is most suitable for the given refrigeration task. This applies for the realization of a wide variety of industrial, commercial, technological and special refrigeration systems.

The indisputable advantage of this concept - as against the proposition given by the company that specializes in sales of a specific brand - is that not only equipment of the given brand, with specific and non-modifiable technical content is available, (that may not even fully meet expectations). Instead we can offer a solution that is fully dedicated to the task and customer needs, and meets the most different, special requirements.

The sources of these equipment and components may be catalog products of a well-known world brand represented by our company as a distributor and wholesaler, as well as refrigerating equipment, chillers, compressor racks or other components manufactured by our company. It all depends on the features of the equipment needed for the the project and on customer needs.



There is no clear recipe for deciding which source it is expedient to choose equipment from for a given task (and in general).It is worth considering several options in cases when a solution is also available from another manufacturer, and select the most appropriate option from the customer's point of view, according to the results of the comparative analysis.


We do not solely manufacture equipment during and for our own projects. Our factory also makes a wide range of refrigeration equipment, chillers, compressor racks, group aggregates, mobile containers, cooling and freezing modules, heat exchangers and cooling baths, etc. for the wholesale reseller, and other partners, too.


We believe that QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. is not only a designer and manufacturer of refrigeration equipment, but also an outcome-oriented refrigeration technology partner who delivers the solution itself, beyond the supply of equipment and components, and not only guarantees the equipment and systems themselves, but also the achieved results.


We only install parts and semi-finished products from recognized, typically Western European and North American manufacturers during the assembly of our equipment, be it compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, fans or electrical components.

Careful design work, reliable products of famous and praised supplier partners, and the totality of inspections and quality assurance during design and manufacture processes guarantees world-class quality and satisfaction, even for equipment designed and manufactured in Hungary. This is confirmed by many of our medium and large scale corporate partners, including our returning customers.


We have knowledge of many different technologies, and QPLAN attaches great importance to the application of latest, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies, if our clients give us the opportunity for putting this into practise.

We have significant professional experience in the field of “green” systems (meaning refrigeration systems operating with natural refrigerants NH3/ammonia and CO2/carbon-dioxide), with many inland and foreign references.

The name of the company is associated with many innovations and patents, as a result of its own developments and designs.

As part of the projects, we perform complete caloric, power supply and control system designs within our company, supplemented with stress calculations of pressure vessels and pipeline network if needed, using VVD (Visual Vessel Design) and CAE Pipe software.


We also provide service and maintenance for the implemented equipment, facilities and systems within and beyond the warranty period, so our company ensures the troubleproof, energy and cost-effective operation of the equipment and systems from the first step and for life.


The main market of our equipment is the Hungarian medium to large scale corporate sector, but several of our equipment also operate in various other countries and regions, for example in Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, as well as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman in the Middle East.


Without any claim to completeness, the below listed types of equipment are typical in our manufacturing practice, but above these, we undertake the design and production of almost any unique and specific equipment related to refrigeration and heat pump technology.




  • Single or multiple compressor groups and compressor packages equipped with screw, reciprocating or scroll compressors with a cooling capacity up to 4-6 MW / aggregate, for a wide application range (even  -60˚C… -50˚C), with potentially more temperature levels and / or stages as required, multi-stage waste-heat utilization, in engine-room or outdoor implementation, with plate and shell&plate type, or air-cooled, (adiabatic or evaporative) condenser, complete power and low current network, PLC or OEM control, ammonia, freon, carbon-dioxide, hydrocarbon refrigerant, also in ATEX version on request.


  • Single or multiple compressor liquid chillers and heat pumps with screw, reciprocating or scroll compressors for comfort or process applications even for -50˚C heat transfer medium temperature, indoor or outdoor version on request, with free cooling,  waste-heat utilization, split or compact form, with plate or shell&plate type, or air-cooled, (adiabatic or evaporative) condenser, extremely high efficiency, complete power and low current network, PLC or OEM control, ammonia, freon, carbon-dioxide, hydrocarbon refrigerant, also in ATEX version on request.


  • Refrigeration equipment supplied as complete, pre-assembled, containerized “mobile” engine room units, ready for work, for example to be placed on a concrete foundation. These can be cooling aggregates, chillers and heat pumps with ammonia, freon, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon refrigerant, on-demand integrated hydraulic system, buffer tanks, pumps, waste heat utilization at one or more  temperature levels,  with separately installed or integrated plate type, or air-cooled, (adiabatic or evaporative) condenser, extremely high efficiency, complete power and low current network, PLC or OEM control, also in reduced noise and ATEX implementation on request.


  • Cooler and freezer containers with integrated or separately installed refrigeration and / or heat pump equipment with on-demand design, load-carrying capacity and PLC or OEM control, ammonia, freon, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon refrigerant, also in ATEX version on request.


  • Shock and rapid-cooling tunnels, box freezers for food industry, technology, chemical and other purposes



  • Compact industrial refrigerators in monoblock form, that can be integrated into walling or ceiling of refrigerated logistics centers and other large ground-space refrigeration and freezing stores


  • Measuring and laboratory cooling/heating equipment with a wide temperature and capacity range, for example for test facilities in vehicle construction



  • Coaxial and other register-type cooling-heating heat exchangers for food industry and other industrial applications, made of carbon steel,or diffeent grades of stainless steel
  • Immersion chillers primarily for the food industry (for example: poultry processing plants)


  • Refrigerant separator, thermosiphon and receiver vessels, and other pressure vessels,up to 100-140 bar, with integrated pump group and steel structure on request, instrumented, fitted, with thermal insulation and tin-plate cover


Refrigeration system deaerators (for inert gas removal) for automatic operation, with own cooling unit or as a main system „fed” design, with multi-point extraction, PLC control, instrumentation, near-zero refrigerant loss, for ammonia, freon, carbon-dioxide and other refrigerants, even in ATEX version.


We manufacture and supply our equipment to the following major industries:


  • Vegetable and fruit processing plants
  • Meat processing plants, slaughterhouses
  • Poultry and fish processing plants
  • Intermittent and continuous freezers (freezer box, plate, spiral, fluid bed freezer, etc.)
  • Refrigerated logistics centers, cold-stores and refrigerated warehouses
  • Commercial refrigeration (large stores, retail stores)
  • Refrigeration technology in dairies
  • Beer, wine, soft drink refrigeration technology
  • Skating rink technology
  • Extremely energy efficient industrial liquid chillers and heat pumps
  • Public / central so-called district cooling and heat pump technology (up to 10-20-30 MW equipment, systems)
  • Pharmaceutical refrigeration systems (for example: blood plasma cooling, freezing)
  • Oil and chemical industry refrigerating systems (also ATEX on request)
  • Individual and special cooling and freezing tasks (for example: test and laboratory cooling, solar cell cooling)
  • Extra low temperature cryogenic systems
  • Industrial laboratory refrigeration technology



It is interesting to note that we have been contacted with such unusual and at the same time professional challenges, as a “cold chamber” to be developed for desert conditions and running purely on solar energy, providing chill for soldiers practicing in the desert.

We hope to find you among our satisfied customers soon. To learn more about us, please read on among our other services and products. If you are interested or have a specific request, please feel free to contact us at one of our contact details.