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Mobile container machine rooms

Many investments require that the refrigeration equipment – more exactly the refrigeration machine room – such as compressors, electrical switchboards, condensers, pressure vessels and, in some cases the hydraulic system, i.e. water or antifreeze medium piping is located inside outside of the main building, but still being installed in a protected, operable and serviceable way.

This solution has almost solely benefits for the customers and operators, which include but are not limited to:

  • It does not occupy expensive useful floor space in the
  • It can be implemented at a fraction of the cost, compared to machine rooms built according to traditional
  • Any technology and cooling solution can be placed in them, be it ammonia, freon, carbon dioxide, or any cascade cooling system, a solution for ATEX environment, liquid chiller, skating rink or equipment to serve any other
  • It can be 100% prefabricated, so it is functionally delivered to the site, where only little site work is needed such as the connection of the prepared electrical and pipe connections.
  • Only one concrete base or point foundation is required for their
  • Because of the use of standard sizes, their transport by road and sea is fast and cost- effective.
  • Protected from unauthorized access and the effects of the
  • The various functions, such as the electrical operating room, hydraulic block, can be hermetically separated from each other, so they can be cooled / heated separately as needed.
  • They can be built according to EN 378 such as a machine room with fire resistance, ATEX ventilation, extra noise protection, etc. depending on the establishment or with a partially open design that does not qualify as machine room according to EN
  • There is no size limit, so even a multi-story machine room consisting of several container elements can be implemented.
  • Easy to disassemble, relocate and

Our company, QPLAN Refrigeration primarily creates mobile engine houses that meet the most diverse needs from standard 20 and 40 foot, that is 6 and 12 meter container elements, during the design of which the local conditions, installation and construction regulations can be fully taken into account.

For more technical information and prices, please contact us.