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Manufacture of custom heat exchanger

It occurs in industrial and technological refrigeration tasks in many cases, that such materials or it must be cooled in such a way, more precisely, heat must be transferred in such materials, for which conventional and commercially available heat exchangers are unsuitable, perhaps because of their uniqueness, they would only be available at unrealistically high prices from a generally known heat exchanger manufacturer.

We design, scale and manufacture the most suitable and cost-effective heat exchangers in such cases for the added purpose.

The types we manufacture are typically coaxial or tube bundle (register), with regard to the material used, they are alloyed with carbon steel, stainless and acid-resistant, even titanium.

Common applications for such heat exchangers are waterfowl and poultry industry, other processing plants, but there is such a task in for example also for wastewater-based heat pump technologies, that is, in all cases where the transported medium has a lump or lump/solid content.

Our company undertakes the design and production of custom manufactured heat exchangers according to demand and task-specific.

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