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Planning and consulting

The design base of QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. is team of about 15 engineers and drafters. Using modern workstations with the latest software version support, as well as their own professional experience, they work with great efficiency and dedication to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

We have knowledge of many different refrigeration technologies, including the latest, environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions, which we always prefer to use (if our clients allow it).

We have significant professional experience in the so-called “green” refrigeration systems operating with natural refrigerants – mainly NH3 (ammonia) and CO2 (carbon dioxide), with many inland and foreign references.

The name of the company is associated with many innovations and patents, as a result of its own developments and designs.

Owing to this, during the first phase of system design (preparation of decision making or concept plan), we can present our clients with several different solutions and technologies with their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their estimated investment and operating costs, so that our clients can make a responsible decision based on comprehensive information. With this approach we can make sure that the final design meets the expectations and needs of our client in all aspects.


QPLAN Cooling Technical Design & Services Co. Ltd. is at the forefront of using the most advanced design systems and software in mechanical, caloric and product design, as well as electrical and automation design. In addition to the conventional 2D AutoCad design, we take advantage of AutoCad 3D and Solid Edge 3D (Siemens) design workflows, also used by the world's leading industrial companies in equipment manufacturing and product development, which helps to eliminate any problems that could arise earlier during production. We carry out our designs in a BIM environment if required, while we create our electrical designs with EPLAN software system.

For the systems designed by QPLAN, we perform complete caloric, electrical and control system design by ourselves, supplemented with stress analysis of pressure vessels and pipelines, using VVD (Visual Vessel Design) and CAE Pipe software if needed.

Our design work is performed by our highly experienced designer colleagues in a high-quality environment, with advanced software support, at our headquarters in Budapest.

We are also able to prepare the architectural, process technology, static, etc. design chapters for the entire facility with the involvement of our professional partners, so if needed, we can also handle general design tasks for refrigeration facilities.

In addition to the design of the equipment, facilities and systems that we proceed to manufacture/construct by ourselves, we also undertake solely design tasks (or existing system surveys, expert reports, etc.) in the various segments of the refrigeration industry.

Main applications of design and expertise provided by QPLAN:

  • Decision making and feasibility studies, case studies
  • Tender offers, investment calculations
  • Mechanical (caloric), approval, construction and as-built plans
  • Electrical (power supply and controls) approval, construction and as-built plans
  • Design and programming of automation and control systems (software development)
  • Design and manufacturing authorisation of pressure vessels (vessels and pipes), as well as official administration of equipment subject to PED, organization and implementation of periodic revision
  • Design of compact refrigeration equipment, compressor units, heat pumps and chillers
  • Energy and technical surveys, and design system modernisations
  • Troubleshooting, system surveys and expert opinions in case of the following problems: improper operation, malfunction, insufficient capacity or temperatures, excessive use of electric power, …


Our most important specializations:


  • Vegetable and fruit processing plants
  • Meat processign plants, slaughterhouses
  • Intermittent and continuous freezers (freezer box, plate, spiral, fluid bed freezer, etc.)
  • Refrigerated logistics centers, cooled and freezer warehouses
  • Commercial refrigeration (large stores, retail stores)
  • Refrigeration technology in dairies
  • Refrigeration technology for beer, wine, soft drink production
  • Skating rink technology
  • Extremely energy efficient industrial liquid chillers and heat pumps
  • District cooling and heat pump technology (up to 10-20-30 MW equipment/systems)
  • Pharmaceutical refrigeration systems (for example: blood plasma cooling, freezing)
  • Oil and chemical industry cooling systems (also ATEX on request)
  • Unique and special cooling and freezing tasks (for example: test and laboratory cooling, solar cell cooling)
  • Extra low temperature cryogenic systems

Preliminary life-cycle total cost calculations:


We hope to find you among our satisfied customers soon. To learn more about us, please read on among our other services and products. If you are interested or have a specific request, please feel free to contact us.